Robert Stockton - J-80992
Address: PO BOX 7500 D7-124
DOB: 9/8/1977
Prison Status: 25 to life (+) 4 years with possible parole. Arrested at 17 years old
Years Incarcerated: 11, 2 in the SHU
Education: Certified G.E.D. and self-taught student
Hobbies/interests Drawing, writing letters and poetry. Education, self-rehabilitation, studies in self-betterment

Eye of the Beholder Fight

Gabriel Reyes
Doug White
Jack Morris
Robert Montenegro
Robert Stockton
Gabriel Ramirez
Martin Villa
William Castro
Robert Amezcua
Personal Statement
The art is a small depiction of how I believe the world views prisons and prisoners. Although perversions, distortions and disruption does exist, there is a percentage of guys who do not partake in it and utilize "this time" (their time) for betterment; a reason for being greater and not an excuse to be a cycled prisoner.

We strive to be smarter, to understand our actions, as well as others, in understanding lies and truth, and it's our responsibility to find it. The Eye of the Beholder is one way to capture the troubles, the struggles, as well as a person who was nothing and has proven to be better for all of it, but taking only the good from the bad. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.