Robert Amezcua - H-11889
Address: PO BOX C10-109
DOB 1969
Family status: son and brother
Years Incarcerated: Life sentence; incarcerated 16 years
Hobbies & Interests reading, studying about my culture and working out

Woman in Water Indian and Wolf

Gabriel Reyes
Doug White

Jack Morris
Robert Montenegro
Robert Stockton
Gabriel Ramirez
Martin Villa
William Castro
Robert Amezcua
I speak 4 languages, Japanese, Italian, English and Spanish and working on a fifth one, and reading about my culture, the Aztec [sic], the roman Empire and the Mayas. I enjoy drawing as a pastime and also working out.

But most important,, I'm not a bad person at all just because I'm in here; I haven't seen or spoken to my family in seven years. It's hard for me, but that's what [I] want, and I respect that.

So there you have it...pretty much my whole life. I have a little faith that someday I'll see my family or someone out there will help me find them. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Robert