Gabriel Ramirez - C-70702
Address: PO BOX 7500 D7-219
DOB: July 20, 1962
Marital/Family Status: son, brother, uncle
Prison Status: 30 years to life (murder)
Years Incarcerated: 17
Education: GED, autodidactic: Coastline Community College, Long distance learning
Hobbies & Interests Reading, drawing, writing, physical fitness and family. Education, human rights and the environment, P.R.O.T.E.C.T., Roots and Shoots, The Jane Goodall Institute

De Profundis -
Dream On
Fool For You Indian with Shield Woman and Dragon

De Profundis - Dreams Frankenstein Jesus

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Personal Statement
I've been in prison for 17 years, most of the time in the hole. Isolation is not a good place to be, but despite my present situation and surroundings, I've tried to make the best of it. I have strong ties with my family and their love has been a great source of strength. I understand that my capacity to live a 'normal' life has been limited, but I have tried to develop myself through reading and writing while at the same time trying to educate myself in different areas.

I usually draw romantics, but I enjoy playful as well as serious subjects. Often mood dictates my creative swing, so I tend to pick up the pen as mood demands it. I find drawing is a continuous learning provess. It seems everytime I do a drawing I learn something. The pen is unforgiving, so I've learned to be patient and focused...and careful. I won't even attempt to draw anything if I'm not in the mood for it.

And it is a discipline which allows me to focus on things other than my solitary confinement. I also enjoy it tremendously!

- Gabby