Cafe 321 Art Exhibition - April 1st, 2006

On April 1, 2006, the Pelican Bay Shu Art exhibit opened as part of Arts Alive, which kicks off at the beginning of each month in Eureka featuring art and music at venues all over downtown.

We began with an introduction and presentation of each of the 7 artists and their work. Veronica and Ines, from the community, then read some poetry and prose of 2 of the artists --Jack Morris and Gabriel Reyes; Todd and Brenna, also of Eureka, performed some outstanding guitar music for the rest of the 3 hour evening. Our host, Nick who owns Cafe 321, and the community people who helped put on the show, were very supportive and a main reason the show was so well received.

A 3’ by 4’ reproduction of “Incarceration” by So. California artist, Sheila Pinkel hung at the entry to the cafe and was a great intro and backdrop to to the drawings and words of the artists who are caged in prison cells. It outlines --in words, famous quotes and photographs -- the rate of incarceration in the US for the past 80 years, the recent rise in incarceration rates due to politically motivated lawmakers and all “told” within the context of american history. See the ART page of this site for a copy of the work.

A comment book was put out for people to write messages to the artists and Art Release. The people who signed the book were all moved by the humanity and spirit of the artists; some were educated about the conditions of life in cages the artists live in. Overall, the response to the show was great.