Dragon's Flight - William Grant Stills Art Center - November 24, 1012

On October 6 of this year, we had our first exhibit in 5 years as part of a larger show of art from our incarcerated community. [see "AR" page for explanation of the 5 year hiatus].

Art release was part of Dragon's Flight, a 6 week show Celebrating the Transformative Power of Creating Art. The show included pieces from current prisoners, others who have been released and works by youth on the theme of incarceration, as well as performances, music, workshops and panel discussions, at the opening reception and throughout the exhibition.

The month and a half long show was presented by the William Grant Stills Arts Center in Los Angeles which itself embodies the spirit of Ho Chi Minh's poem, Dragon's Flight: "Thy body is in jail, but thy spirit, never. For the great cause to prevail, let thy spirit soar, higher"

The opening hosted a wonderful crowd including people from the arts community, ex-prisoners and young people. Many people were surprised at the talent and spirit of the incarcerated artists; some attendees contributed to the show with their own prison experiences. There was music and discussions going on throughout the opening.

For our part, the art and artists from the Pelican Bay SHU sparked some good discussion and feedback to their art, solitary confinement and the struggles being waged by the inmates and their loved ones for respect and even a minimal amount of justice.

Thanks to all the artists, other contributors and Director of the W.G. Stllls Art Center, Ami Motevalli. It was a great show.