Doug White - J-74454
Address: PO BOX 7500 D7-111
DOB: 1970
Prison Status: Lifer
Years Incarcerated: 12 years incarcerated, 9 years in SHU
Education: GED and one year pursuing an AA degree from Coastline Community College, persuing an AA Degree in Psychology
Hobbies & Interests Reading, writing, drawing, animals and the environment. Extreme sports enthusiast, member of the ASPCA and several rare breed dog organizations.

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Doug White

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Personal Statement
I love to study, write and draw and I'm always doing all I can to better myself and my peers.

The first step towards ending the SHU is to educate the people within it, that way they can fight to defend themselves to get out of it. Next is public awareness. The public must know about the SHU and the conditions in it.

Us in the SHU, 90% who are in for nothing more than flimsy hearsay from a snitch, are not allowed any sunshine, no contact with others and get almost no medical care.

Men are breaking down mentally and physically. But we struggle...we must always fight.

Because of my location, things are pretty dreary and severely monotonous. I’m locked in an 8’ by 12’ [i’ve been told its 6’ by 9’, but I hate to contradict dougie] windowless concrete box, 23 hours a day, all alone

My body is trapped, but I set my mind free thru my art, my writings and my education. I strive everyday to better myself as a man, as a friend, as a brother, as an uncle and most importantly, as a son and grandson.

The odds are against me but instead of allowing the circumstances to break me down, I use the adversity to make myself stronger.

Yeah, the state may own my body, but they will NEVER own my soul!!!

Watch and see...the last laugh will be mine!!

I welcome all correspondence and inquiries and will reply to all.