Color pens, pencils and pastels are not allowed in "the hole". The colors on these drawings were developed by scraping paper pulp out of old magazines. Utilizing a rolled up piece of toilet paper dipped in the pulp, the scrapings are transferred onto the drawing paper. Additional colors are obtained from the coating of vitamins, coffee, and candy.

Gabriel Reyes Doug White Jack Morris Robert Montenegro

Robert Stockton Gabriel Ramirez Martin Villa William Castro

Robert Amezcua

“Incarceration” is not an art work done by prisoners; it is an art work about them, about the criminal justice system and about our history.

“Incarceration” was created by artist, Sheila Pinkel, a professor of art at Pomona College, Claremont. It was originally part of “Nexus”, a 2004 group show at Cal Poly Pomona’s Kellog University Art Gallery. It was then moved to the T.H. Pendergast California Parole Museum for a celebration at the museum’s “100 Years of Parole” on July 21. The work was ordered to be removed when a couple of agents complained about 2 of the photographs. It was taken down the next day.

Like its subject, this is a huge work , it measures 9‘ by 12’. Ms Pinkel uses photos and pictures by well-known and unknown people, as well as extensively researched data; bringing them together to make us think, dialog, get upset and want to get involved in the history we are making.

“Incarceration” is an invaluable work and should “introduce” all shows of prison art. 3’ by 4’ versions are available to show at exhibitions.